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Six of our staged homes have sold to the first person to see them. Others have sold in 3 days, 4 days, 5 days, 6 days, 7 days, 9 days… 19 days after staging after being on the market for one year with several price reductions. Staging works!

In the staging business since 2005, a little bit of red has successfully merchandised homes to sell quickly—less stress for you, and more money in your pocket (the closer to the listing date the offer comes in, the less likely they are to offer too low of a price). The owner of a little bit of red, Mary Abella, has appeared on local TV and in magazine and newspaper articles. She has taught home staging in continuing education classes at IUPUI. She has the experience you need to get your home sold fast.

Mary uses “lifestyle staging” to zero in on who is going to buy the home and then places items that will speak to that demographic and psychographic so that they will say, “I want to buy this home. It represents the life that I want to live.”

 Interior decorating

“Thank you so much for all the help in decorating our new home!  Your assistance in developing color schemes, selecting fabrics, making wall coverings and runners, and selecting appointments aligned very well with our tastes and resulted in a traditional style, yet stunning look to our home.”

“This is a call from a happy client: I love my new kitchen and hall colors!”

Happy clients are the goal of a little bit of red. Good listening skills and problem solving are key to good decorating results. From designing themed rooms to relaxing bedroom getaways, a little bit of red has helped achieve homeowner’s goals, and can help you realize your dream rooms, too.

Mary can do a one-day makeover, create a whole-house plan for your new home, or even handle the decorating of the Children’s Museum’s manse.

Feng Shui

From creating balanced rooms to providing a zen environment, a little bit of red will work with your own personal elements and directions, and create enhancements and remedies for your home. Mary has taught a class in decorating with Feng Shui in IUPUI’s Continuing Education program, and has experienced beautiful Feng Shui design in China and Japan.

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