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Clevernest specializes in the sales and professional installation of Windows, Doors, and Siding. We are a factory-direct and Circle of Excellence dealer for Andersen windows and doors, our main product line. However, any product is only as good as its installation. Fortunately, Clevernest was founded in 2011 on the knowledge and expertise of the company’s owner Tom McHaffie. Tom started out as Rookie of the Year at FC tucker in the mid 80’s, and then moved on to become a successful high-end custom home builder for almost 30 years now. Tom is known for his attention to detail, his ability to create unique looks and designs, delivering a high-quality product at a fair price, and following up after the sale.

At Clevernest, we typically work with Homeowners, who are frustrated…sometimes panicked about:

  • wood rot in their windows -and wondering if there is behind the wall damage
  • broken seals- either obvious or that one or two that showed up on their inspection report
  • outdated and inefficient glass and frames, making their home uncompetitive compared to more state-of-the-art windows next-door

In addition, many of our Realtor clients rely on us to provide:

  • quick, accurate assessments of a home’s window problems
  • a professional process for their client
  • an understanding of Real Estate transactions and Home Inspections in particular
    • When an Inspector for instance, writes something like “have a window professional evaluate all windows”, isn’t it important to know you can trust that evaluation to be honest and professional and quick? YES!

With Clevernest it is our METHOD of installation, known as a FULL-FRAME INSTALLATION, that makes us different from many of our well-known competitors.

  • A FULL-FRAME REPLACEMENT requires a skilled carpenter, as it involves removing the entire old window and then installing an entirely new window, with modern materials such as non-expanding foam insulation to stop air from leaking in from around the window and bendable rubber flashing under the window to prevent any possibility of water ever entering the inside wall again. Many times, we may be asked to completely change the configuration or look of a window or the trim around it.

We are excited about our partnership with Tucker, and the opportunity to exceed your expectations.  Our commitment to you is to always give an honest, informed, quick assessment of any window, door, or siding problem you bring our way. Visit our beautiful showroom located at 240 West Carmel Drive or simply give us a call at (317) 668-8100 to schedule your free in-home consultation today!


A special note to realtors and homeowner clientele:

At Clevernest, we aren’t going to make the deal any harder for you than it needs to be. We understand the urgency. We respect your time and approach each consultation with unparalleled professionalism and efficiency. We will diagnose the situation, present possible options, and make recommendations based on our findings. Remember, Clevernest will always use best business practices to provide top-tier products and services for optimal outcomes.


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