Dean’s List Service LLC

Noblesville, IN, USA

Dean’s List Service is your catch-all provider for home handyman help. When you own a home, thousands of little projects arise over time in every room and part of your house or condo. Gutters clog. Siding loosens. Windows crack. Screens rip. Doors unhinge. Floorboards scratch. Walls bust. And so on.

Then there are more sizeable projects that require a professional contractor. You may need everything from permits to qualified professional services such as framing and finishing, tiling, painting, and installing materials and appliances. You might also need a specialist such as a certified electrician or gas line expert. All of these are available through Dean’s List Service.

We get the right people working on your projects so they’re completed on time and to the highest quality industry standards. Contact Dean and his team today for an estimate on your project and put your mind at ease that everything will be done right from beginning to end!

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