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No more need to live with the counters that you don’t really like but are unwilling to change because you don’t want the disruption, mess, and cost of replacing the old coutertop.

We have a solution at a fraction of the cost of new laminate installed!

If your counter is structurally sound, our trained technicians will mask and cover all surrounding surfaces, prep and resurface your counter with our spray system and leave your kitchen ready to use that evening.  All repairs necessary will be done to your existing countertops.  Gouges will be filled in, warped areas smoothed, loose laminate secured, 90 degree edges can be routed for a modern look and seams are covered for a seamless appearance.

  • Beautiful, durable, high quality finish.
  • Many colors to choose from.
  • For residential, commercial and recreational use.
  • 40 sq ft. of resurfaced countertops will cost just $640.


“Adele and ecocountertopsUSA are by far one of the best options when it comes to making a home beautiful! The work she does is absolutely amazing. The countertops and bath tubs she did for us were incredible! Great price, great work, great solution!!!!!  Megan Ferris, Keytone

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