Fairchild Property Services

Fairchild Property Services, Mill Oak Drive, Noblesville, IN, United States


(317) 432-6758

Fairchild Property Services provides a broad array of construction services to Realtors, Homeowners, Investors, Financial Institutions, and Property Managers.  We are a Licensed, Bonded, and Insured General Contractor serving the communities of Central Indiana.


The Buyer’s Inspection has a laundry list of items on their report.  You need an estimate yesterday.  We can provide you an estimate based upon the inspection report within one business day.  We guarantee our repairs to pass an inspection.  Email us your Inspection Report.


Maximize your home’s marketability with updates that get the buyers attention:  new faucets, lighting, hardware, painting, and maintenance you have been too busy to address.  We offer special package pricing and will work with you / your Realtor to maximize results within your budget.