Indiana Mold Remediation

Westfield, IN, United States

Often during real estate transactions or during brief trips to non-living areas of the home, mold may be found to be hiding in the attic or crawl space.  Mold growth in these areas does not usually pose the same level of health risks to building occupants and may be handled in a way that is not as invasive or expensive.  Often times, the primary concern of remediation in these areas is to protect the resale value of the home and prevent future structural problems due to subsequent wood rot.  Indiana Mold Remediation has devised several simple solutions to mold growth in  these areas that provide effective treatment of the problem without the use of more costly procedures.

  • Mold Remediation “Best In Class” Award Winner 2012
  • F.C. Tucker Home Services “Top 12” Award Winner 2012

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