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Indy Odor can remove odors, kill mold, eliminate bacteria and reduce allergens with our TAVS process.  We can shock your home/business and bring the atmosphere back to a neutral state. No harsh chemicals are used and we can usually have your property completed within 24 hours. Remove smoke, pet and cooking odors, mold, mildew and reduce allergens. We can treat homes, business offices, hotels, nursing homes, schools, automobiles, motorhomes, boats and more!


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Our TAVS process uses Chlorine Dioxide Gas that penetrates deep into every surface it comes into contact, places where ozone and other oxidizers will not reach.  ClO in gas form has a molecule size of 0.124 nanometers. Approximately 800 Chlorine Dioxide Gas Molecules will fit inside one ozone molecule.  (For decades ozone was used by restoration companies for odor removal.) Imagine how much further Chlorine Dioxide, in gas form, can travel into any surface in your home or business, totally destroying odors, bacteria, mold and viruses in record time, without leaving a film or any chemical off gas.


Chlorine Dioxide will not stain, will not corrode, has no fragrances or Volatile organic compounds (VOCs). No other chemical has these combined capabilities.  ClO₂ does not need to be rinsed or towel wiped after it has dried on the surface.


ClO₂ is widely recognized as being highly effective and safe by both the FDA and EPA.


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