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JQOL is an engineering firm whose offering includes survey services in Indiana and Kentucky. We believe that what we do has the potential to impact all parts of peoples’ daily lives, therefore, delivering a quality product to our clients by first understanding their needs is our highest priority.

Our survey services, for commercial and residential clients, can be made for any of the following: property surveys, building staking, planning and layout of additions, flood certificates, plot plans, construction layout, mapping studies, right-of-way surveys, topographic mapping, subdivision layout, drainage surveys, infrastructure field staking, and route surveys.

Land surveying is both an art and a science that identifies essential locations on the surface of the earth necessary for all people to enjoy their day-to-day lives. This includes documenting property rights and boundaries, public right-of-way for people to travel, and maps out critical infrastructure for a more sustainable world.

Our surveyors are licensed and credentialed employees who will work to deliver your survey as promised. Our vision is: Improving Quality of Life through Engineering, and we hope that we are able to continue this vision through our survey work.


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