Avon, IN, USA

Hello! My name is Christian Mansfield, Owner/Operator of MANS & ROSES LLC, a Foundation Repair Co. where we take pride in helping to rebuild and restore the old, family & generational houses, and turning them back into homes!

Our mission is to restore the integrity and security of your home, which begins at the foundation, in order to give each and every person that feeling of comfort and safety knowing that your home’s foundation s properly intact.

We specialize in servicing all the right areas that truly hit home and could cause the most stress that so many homeowners face with foundational structure complications.

Our guarantee to every homeowner is that, you will always be treated more than just a customer, but rather like family because we care about the needs of your home, your safety, satisfaction, and quality of our work. With free estimates and a price that is unmatched in the state!

We take pride in making sure that customers are satisfied with our service and the outcome of the project.
Together, we can turn your house back into a home and restore what’s been broken.
Let’s make home safe again!

Our services:
Basement/Crawlspace waterproofing, repair & encapsulation
Cinder block wall repair, removal & rebuild
Concrete: porch caps & recaps, driveways, walkways, stairs and garages
Home stabilization


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