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Here are three valuable REALTOR FOCUSED services that we offer….

Low Voltage System Assessments – for a flat fee we will evaluate existing systems and then provide a report describing what is good and can be reused, and what is bad and should be replaced. This includes audio, video, security, wi-fi, telephone, data, control, automation, intercom, and surveillance systems.

Activate or Update Existing Systems – we can help your clients activate many types of older systems and training them on how to operate them.  Or, if a client wants to install new equipment, we’re able to address those needs as well.

Retrofit Installation Expertise – installing equipment, wiring and components in a home that has closed walls and ceilings is not easy, especially when a “move in ready” appearance needs to be maintained. Years of expertise allow us to do low-profile work…even with very particular clients.

We are a Noblesville based company, founded in 2009, family owned and operated, with very high standards and a strong commitment to high quality products and happy clients.

We want to be your trusted adviser and technology partner!