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Hello from Phoenix Pest Control! We are a locally operated company located in the heart of Downtown Danville on the Westside. We pride ourselves on being personal and available for all our clients. Bryant and Cassi Magnus have worked together for the past three years and decided to start our company in December of 2016. They have created a dynamic duo to help with all issues pest related. Bryant, Evin, and Sebastian are our three technicians and we will always let our clients know when we change technicians. We know that having the same technician is important to our clients, and we strive to keep that up for them. Bryant has been servicing the greater Indianapolis area for the past 9 years. We do yearly training at Purdue and are licensed and insured through the pest management division of Purdue. Bryant specializes in mouse treatments and termite treatments and will make sure to get the job done! We service industrial, commercial, and residential properties. We also work with rental owners and renters as well. We provide services for general bugs, mice/rats, termite inspections and treatments (including NPMA33 forms), bird and bat exclusions, hornets/wasps/stinging insect removal, and many more. Feel free to contact us at 317.563.3273, through email at,  or through our website

 We offer all wildlife management and cleanup along with removal/replacement of insulation! We are DNR certified (which is required in Indiana) and can give you and a quote! Our major animals include bats, mice, raccoons, opossum, and any other critter!

DNR is a vital organization to Indiana. Not only do they protect our animals, they offer training and instruction to companies like ours on how to better handle situations. They keep us up to date on which animals are protected and which aren’t, how to remove them safely and where to rehome them to!

We also offer a discount for Tucker Services for ANY service we provide!


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