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2285 Voss Hiatt Ave, Cicero, IN 46034, USA

Robinson Renovations was founded on a simple premise, provide customers with quality work and excellent customer service. When we began we wanted to create a bond with each of our customers so they felt comfortable spending their hard earned money with us. We still stand by that mission today. We now have several focuses with the same core values. Our primary focus is post frame structures or what many call them, pole barns. These can be large agricultural shops or simple 2 car garages. Secondly, we build top of the line decks and pergolas. The key to our decking and pergola business is building a structure that will stand the test of time and look great down the road. Finally, we try to be a one stop shop for our customers and help them as a general contractor. We understand that renovating a bathroom or kitchen can be daunting and we are here to help.

Post framing and the traditional pole barns are a fantastic way to build a large structure with relatively low cost per square foot. The issue is that they have a bad reputation for not being very energy efficient and having sub-standard curb appeal. These issues are fading away quickly. We focus heavily on these two pitfalls. Creating layers of wind and water barriers throughout the construction process that build on each other help keep our buildings a step above the rest. Part of ensuring our buildings to be as energy efficient as possible is tightening up our fit and finish. By being a small company we have the opportunity to ensure that each and every detail is superb. We are not a nationwide company so our focus is on that individual build and giving the customer their dream garage, barn, shop, or shed.

Our decks and pergolas follow the same mold. We don’t build decks because it’s nice out we build decks because we are passionate about it. Our team jokes about a phrase we use, “Build for the next hurricane coming through Indiana!” We take this to heart. What has separated us from our competitors is our attention to the framework that oftentimes is overlooked. A great deck doesn’t just look great on day one, it looks great in year 15. This comes from a stout frame that is overbuilt. Our methods of framing give our customers a long lasting product that will not fail prematurely. Decking and pergolas are great ways to improve outdoor spaces and when built correctly and maintained well will last. We love this process and love seeing the looks on our customers faces when their backyard finally becomes the oasis they have dreamed of.

With our mission statement driving our company to create relationships we are bound to have multiple jobs from the same customer. We want to always be able to provide the knowledge to continue helping our clients. We enjoy helping customers with their interior remodeling or renovating tasks. Our team will focus primarily on the big picture part of the project and we will act as a General Contractor and get customers in contact with the right trades to see their project transform.

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