Spartan Midwestern, LLC

1410 Lansdowne Road, Indianapolis, IN 46234, USA

Spartan Midwestern LLC was founded in 2013 on the premise that a genuine, Craftsman level finished product combined with old-school service values, delivered in a professional and consistent manner would always have a home in the marketplace. I still to this day believe that is true, and it is what has kept our company moving and growing over the years. As Residential General Contractors, we are essentially residential problem solvers. We do not build new homes, or room additions, however most everything else involved in the Personalization, Maintenance, and Upkeep of your home is where we specialize. For most each and every home repair, remodel, or maintenance related duty of homeownership, already have a “best course of action” set in place by the industry itself, and all previous residential contracting predecessors who have encountered that scenario before. We are aware of most of the existing residential protocol and codes. Where we are not, we are capable of objective research and learning. Once the basics and protocols of the projects or repair are in place, we feel we set ourselves apart by the way in which we deliver our service. Our Primary Aim, is to solve any residential problem or task a Client may have, while delivering that service with a Premium Craftsman Level finished product and all of the quality service components we as U.S. consumers have come to appreciate, and frankly expect over the years. Whether big or small, repair or remodel, we would love an opportunity to serve your residential construction and maintenance needs, while simply and humbly believing that we are doing that better than most Licensed Residential Contrators in the current marketplace.’

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