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Indianapolis, IN, USA

Sway Array Designs provides quality 2D, 3D, and Video Photography
for Real Estate advertising. Quality imaging is key to attracting more
customers which demands the best cameras, software, and skills
required for capturing what you need- Let us Design a product for you.
2D Standard digital photos will show off a listing from curb appeal, to
dream kitchen, to opulent master bedroom. We can capture these
features in 45 pictures for $100.

3D Virtual Space has become the standard for Real Estate advertising
since 2016. Online viewers spend an average of 3 minutes and 38
seconds inside models, and listings are frequently sold without the
buyer present. “It’s just like being there!” is the most common
response- and then viewers share it. It is truly a 24/7 open house. We
can create your Virtual Model for .20 cents / sqft. up to 1800 sqft. Price
reduced as square footage increases. Your 3D Model ready for online
advertising in 24 hrs.

Video Walk-through has become a popular capture product for Real
Estate advertising by coupling motion with visual appeal, and music if
desired. This is a great marketing product for larger listings and can be
combined with 2D or 3D Virtual Space. We can capture and edit a
Walk-through for you up to 1800 sqft. for $225 and ready for online
advertising in 48 hrs.

(317)654-3049 http//:www.swayarray.com swayarray@gmail.com
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