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My name is Cory. I am blessed by my beautiful bride Kim and our 4 daughters (Nellie, Norrie, Nessa and Novva). I have been involved in the Real Estate Industry for 10 years. Through my experiences as a seller I have come to understand the importance of Professional photography and additional services. The impact made on how much traction the home gets creates the timeline for which it will sell, but also through experiences of selling I have been able to identify ways that I can make this process better for the agents and deliver a better product for the agent and client. That is what led me to starting Vantage Visuals.

We have built a team of professionals working together to provide integrated visual marketing solutions. We offer an extended selection of services to help you market each property uniquely.

Our commitment to our clients is to provide a consistent product at an affordable rate with a quality experience.

What sets us apart:
24/7 scheduling: Meaning you can go online at any time and schedule your order for your next listing

– 3 photographers allows us to photograph up to 15 homes a day
– 2 Drone Pilots allowing us to schedule our orders to maximize the day
– Editor that will keep our photos consistent so our work all looks the same and allows us to spend more time in the field and not in front of a computer
– CRM keeps scheduling and photo delivery flawless
A team this size allows us to schedule with an all around faster turnaround time by not being booked out for days and weeks during the busy season as we know it’s important to get all of your listings Live quickly.

Home Prep:
Our Team will spend up to 10mins in a home prepping to make sure we deliver you the best photos

Bad weather day? No worries where others may charge you we include sky replacement for free. We will also add fire in the fireplace and place a picture of the home on all the tvs.

Photo Deliver:
– Sized for MLS
– Downloadable in multiple ways for different usage
– Able to send to client for a preview as we know they are excited
– Delivered next day by 10am

We hope all of this information is helpful. We look forward to working with each and every one of you. If you have any questions feel free to call text or email. If you would like to schedule a shoot jump on our website and get it scheduled today.

Have a blessed day
– Cory Lee

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