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For homes located in Central Indiana that are in need of foundation repair, please take a look at the vendors listed below. If you've noticed things like doors that no longer close properly, cracks in the walls, or windows getting stuck, then you may have a cracked foundation. By hiring a foundation repair specialist early on, you can prevent much more expensive repairs in the future. A professional can evaluate the situation and advise on whether the house is simply settling or if there is a structural issue that needs to be addressed.

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Foundation Repair Vendors

The foundation of your home is literally the key to its structural integrity, so you naturally want to protect it and keep it in shape. When you catch problems with your foundation early and make the necessary repairs, you prevent much bigger (and more expensive) problems from spreading to the rest of your house.

How can you tell if you might have a foundation problem and need to call in the professionals? Here are the signs of trouble:

  1. Visible Cracks

Sometimes a small crack will appear near the top of a wall or two as your house settles, but that’s generally only when a home is still fairly new. If you start seeing cracks in your home’s interior or exterior walls, you need to be suspicious of foundation damage. Vertical cracks in stucco, brick or drywall are especially concerning, as are cracks that appear wider at the top than the bottom.

  1. Sticky Windows or Doors

Sometimes a sticky door or window is just related to the humidity in the air, but frequent problems opening or shutting your windows and doors are more tell-tale signs of foundation problems. You need to be particularly concerned if a window or door frame suddenly seems to be uneven, you can see visible gaps around the frames or your sliding-glass doors no longer glide properly or meet in the middle.

  1. Sagging Floors and Uneven Steps

That slight slant or little bit of a dip in the floor could be a sign that your foundation has shifted or is sinking. Sagging floors and uneven crawl spaces are never normal. They’re symptoms of a home with a foundation that’s in distress. You may also notice that any exterior steps to your home are suddenly cracking or tilted.

  1. Roof or Chimney Damage

When looking for early signs of foundation problems, don’t look down: Look up. You may see the first signs of trouble along your roofline or in your chimney. If your chimney has tilted or its mortar is cracking, that’s often a response to the shifting of a home’s foundation. Similarly, gaps that appear along your roofline and gutters that seem to be drifting away from the body of the house could be reasons for concern.

  1. Wrinkles in the Wallpaper

When you hung that wallpaper, you were absolutely certain that it was perfect -- but now it has wrinkles in one or two places. That’s a clear indication that something is going on with your walls, and it could be a shift in your foundation. You may not be able to see the actual damage, but all the signs are there.


Foundation Repair, Indianapolis, Indiana

Even a small crack in your foundation or shift can let in water and pests, which only lead to more problems. If you suspect you may have foundation problems, call a professional and have one of these foundation repair companies evaluate the situation. A pro can identify whether your home is just settling or whether there are serious structural problems that must be repaired.

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