Restate Home Staging & Design

Carmel, IN, USA

Restate Home Staging & Design is your one-stop home staging and design company.
With an emphasis on highlighting what already works well in your client’s home, Restate
is your most economical way to meet your design goals. As licensed REALTORS, Restate’s
stagers bring a unique perspective to each home they stage. They know exactly what
each home needs to be photographed in its best possible light and to feel just right
when potential buyers tour it.

Restate stagers have more than 13 years of experience staging every type of home, from
new builds to investor flips to owner occupied homes. Each home requires a different
approach, and Restate stagers understand how to address them all.
Being licensed REALTORS themselves, Restate stagers are familiar with exactly what
fellow REALTORS face when trying to get a house ready for the market. They deal with
home sellers on a regular basis and know how important it is to treat each homeowner
with respect, kindness, and the type of understanding necessary when dealing with
someone’s home.

Additionally, as a result of their experience as REALTORs, Restate stagers recognize how
important it is to be flexible and responsive to your clients’ needs and timelines. They’re
aware of how fluid the business can be and how being responsive to the ever-changing
timelines of the market is critical to everyone’s success.
Whether the home you’re marketing is vacant, fully furnished, partially furnished, new,
old, or somewhere in between, Restate Home Staging & Design will make your listing
attractive to the most discerning buyers. Visit for more information.

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